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We are finally ready to present our new Valpolicella Classico 2020 on the market. Notice anything different? Of course!! For this young and fresh wine we have applied a modern and captivating restyle with a new label. From today you can find it in our store in Cavalo di Fumane and online on our website In the meantime, let’s see together what are the characteristics that make it unique even in this vintage ..

Harvest 2020

The 2020 vintage, after a dry winter period with soft rainfall, underwent a vegetative recovery marked by rains that remained constant even in the summer. We had already talked about the problem of Downy mildew that we had to face in our organic vineyards due to the often abundant rainfall, which required a very careful selection during the harvest. The harvest, which began regularly on September 10th, therefore saw our team committed to a really careful selection in order to maintain high quality. This year, however, will remain unforgettable not only for the excellent quality of the grapes, but because it is indisputably marked by the global pandemic of Covid-19 that we have all had to face. For our Company, the problem that arose during the harvest was certainly linked to the well-known health, work, social and production difficulties deriving from the pandemic and among which all the winemakers had to extricate themselves. Overcoming them with attention and prevention, we can certainly affirm that the quality of our grapes immediately seemed very good and during the vinification phase particular aromas developed, tending to exotic scents, finally found also in the finished wine. In our opinion, these notes tending to mango and papaya are clearly recognizable in the glass of our new Valpolicella Classico 2020.

Tech Sheet Valpolicella Classico DOC 2020

Bottle size: 0.75 l

Tipology: dry red wine

Vines: Corvina Veronese 65%, Rondinella 30% Molinara 5%

Harvest: The harvest takes place manually in the period from 10 September in the plains and then collected in the hills at the end of September.
Vinification: Crushing with de-stemming of the grapes; Fermentation temperature: with control from 22°C to 23°C;

Maceration: 12 days with fulling at the rate of 3 per day; Conservation in steel;

Aging in bottle for 2 months.

Analytical data: Alcohol 12%

Organoleptic characteristics: Color: ruby red with violet notes; Bouquet: very intense of berries, cherry and raspberry; Taste: at the entrance, it presents a good volume modulated by soft and elegant tannins. Spicy notes are integrated with hints of ripe fruit and a good flavor aftertaste.

Serving method: Serve at a temperature of 16°C-17°C taking care to uncork the bottle a few minutes before consumption.

Gastronomy: It is a wine for all meals and goes well with appetizers, soups, red and white meats and freshwater fish dishes.

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