Amarone Della Valpolicella Classico DOCG

“Il Fornetto”

Our best Amarone della Valpolicella is “Il Fornetto”. This aromatic and tasteful red wine is produced in limited quantity and has a strong and extraordinary vigor. Thanks to its flavored structure, it can age up to twenty years.


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The grapes are selected and placed in 6 kg trunks to rest in our orchards to rest for a long period. During the drying period, a sequence of biochemical processes carried out by microorganism like Botritis Nobile, transform part of the sugar into glycerine.

After crushing the grapes, the long maceration and month-long alcoholic fermentation, the result is a very structured and incredibly rich in aromas wine. 4 years of ageing in oak wood barrels follows, where it completes its malolactic fermentation.


Very deep ruby red colour. Broad bouquet with notes of cherry, dried fruits, vanilla, and a clear hint of black pepper and liquorice. The taste is full, with an exceptional strength but incredible elegance.


A meditative wine to be paired with 90% dark chocolate, game, or aged cheese, in keeping with tradition.


Corvina Veronese 55%, Corvinone 35%, Rondinella 10%




16,5% Vol

Amarone Riserva Il Fornetto Awards

Decanter 2021

Silver Medal – 93 points
Amarone 2015

Veronelli 2020

3 Golden Stars
Amarone 2012

Vini Buoni d'Italia Touring Club 2020

4 Stars Crown
Amarone 2012

Bibenda 2020

5 grappoli
Amarone 2012

Decanter 2018

Silver Medal – 90 points
Amarone 2011

Veronelli 2018

Super 3 Stars
Amarone 2011

Bibenda 2018

5 Grappoli
Amarone 2011

Veronelli 2017

Super 3 Stars
Amarone  2010

Decanter 2016

Silver Medal – 91 points
Amarone  2010

Veronelli 2016

Super 3 Stars
Amarone  2007