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Seasonal pre-harvest performance

In these late summer days it has become a very common question: how is the season going? What do you expect from the vintage 2019?

Today, a few weeks before the harvest, we can say that this season seems to have ended in excellent condition. It started very well with a hot spring and temperatures above normal during the whole March and it only had a small delay of 15 days in flowering during the month of May. This delay was due to the 23 rainy days that made the month of May the wettest of the year.

June and July, two fundamental months for the development of the vine, were very hot and the lack of rain was notable. In July, a particular heat wave brought 5 consecutive days with temperatures above 35 ° C, balanced however by the strong temperature changes that characterize the vineyards located in the hills; once again the choice to cultivate the vine in the high hills is strategic, a position that makes us the highest wine producer in the Valpolicella.

Compared to 2018, this harvest will begin with a 12-day delay. In the next 10 days of maturation, we expected an intense aromatic synthesis and low consumption of Malico acid because of the lowering of daily temperatures compared to the month of August. They are both conditions that will allow obtaining wines with fragrant and delicate aromas.

What to say? Good luck for an amazing vintage 2019!!

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