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It’s not a coincidence that the name chosen for this special box is entirely dedicated to the 2015 vintage.

Considered among the best of the last 40 years in Valpolicella, the 2015 harvest is to be defined as perfect under all climatic, productive and qualitative aspects. But what determines the perfection of a vintage? Let’s take a look at the details …


The resting phase of the vines during the winter took place with medium-high temperatures and abundant rainfall in the first months of the year. On the other hand, in the spring months there were below average thermal values ​​and rain gauges, which guaranteed optimal budding. In June, the ideal conditions for the correct course of flowering continued, one of the most delicate and most important phenological phases. July and August were then characterized by high daytime temperatures and strong solar radiation, conditions that pushed foliar photosynthesis to the highest levels. The drop in temperatures expected for the end of August ensured optimal conditions for the important ripening phase of the berries. The harvest therefore began during the second week of September, 10 days earlier than the average of recent years.

The grapes immediately proved to be of great qualitative depth, in particular Corvina and Corvinone, with long bunches, perfectly scattered and in excellent health conditions. The selection of the best grapes to be placed in boxes was carried out with extreme care and destined for the slow drying period.

The ideal point of the sugar and phenolic ripeness curve has been perfectly reached, the latter with surprising values ​​compared to the average. The result is therefore an abundance of tannins of great elegance and softness and an aromatic framework of amazing complexity and intensity.

The box set dedicated to the great 2015 vintage is made up of the 4 top-of-the-range products belonging to the Il Fornetto line, a name derived from the historic vineyard of our Accordini family.


It is a wine that was born to amaze, from the moment of the harvest we understood the enormous potential of the grapes; during the aging in oak barrels this wine underwent an overwhelming evolution, the periodic tastings from the barrel amazed the Accordini family itself, because the RIPASSO always showed great longevity and aging potential.
Only in the best years does the selection of the grapes take place. After a few months of aging in steel, it will be “passed over” on the pomace of Amarone Riserva; during this refermentation process unique and unmistakable aromas are released from the pomace, expression of a great historic vineyard of Valpolicella Classica, as well as the first planted by Stefano Accordini, founder of the company. It will therefore be 36 months of aging in fine barrels to give elegance and finesse to this Ripasso “Collection”.
The color is an intense ruby ​​red. On the other hand, the nose amazes with evolved notes reminiscent of fruit in alcohol and black pepper. When tasted it immediately shows its power which is subsequently smoothed by the sweetness and softness of the evolved tannins; finally the acid vein, characteristic of Valpolicella Superiore, makes it extremely persistent in the mouth.


Our best Amarone della Valpolicella is produced in limited quantities and only in the best years, and stands out for its strength and extraordinary complexity. Thanks to its exceptional longevity, Amarone Il Fornetto can age up to twenty years.
Its color is a very intense ruby red, while the bouquet is broad with notes of cherry, dried fruit, vanilla and the hints of black pepper and licorice stand out. The taste is complete, endowed with exceptional power but incredibly elegant.


Passito Amandorlato, a new product just released on the market by our company, falls within the range of exceptional products that the Accordini family selects only in the best vintages and to which it dedicates the greatest attention. An intense six-year aging in special cherry wood barriques makes Passito Amandorlato a unique product that represents one of the greatest expressions of the Valpolicella tradition.
Considered as an intermediate between Amarone and Recioto because the bitter note is finely hidden by the sweetness, so the characteristic notes of cherry in spirit and bitter almond are fully perceived giving pleasantness to both taste and smell.


Produced with our best pomace in our trusted distillery, this grappa follows a slow and rich process, from the copper alembic to the oak barrique. On the palate it is exceptionally aromatic, with hints of tobacco and delicate spicy notes. A cuddle for the senses and for the eyes, thanks to its deep shades of gold and bronze.
At the end of alcoholic fermentation, the best pomace of Amarone Riserva “Il Fornetto” is sent to the trusted distillery and distilled according to the traditional discontinuous method. The process takes place using a copper alembic, powered by steam with phlegm review, to allow obtaining a product of exceptional quality at the expense of quantity. The slow refinement, at least 6 years, in oak barriques allows for the maturation of unique scents of its kind and to obtain roundness with a high degree of pleasantness.
Color that resembles the union between gold and bronze developed during a long aging. It is characterized by an exceptional aromatic richness, hints of tobacco and delicate spicy notes. On the palate it has a distinctive personality capable of expressing enveloping and velvety sensations.

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