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Passito Amandorlato Accordini

Passito Amandorlato

The Passito Amandorlato, the new wine just released by our Company, is part of the finest products range selected by Accordini Family only in the best vintages and for which we devote the greatest attention. An intense six-year aging inside little cherry wood barrels makes the Passito Amandorlato a unique wine that represents one of the best expressions of the Valpolicella tradition. The bitter note given to it by the cherry wood is finely covered from sweetness so as to make it an intermediate wine between Amarone and Recioto.

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Grape varieties

Corvina Veronese 55%, Corvinone 35%, Rondinella 10%

Technical sheet

After a very long dry season , the fermentation is made at low temperature so only the finest flavors are taken from the skins and the wine is still sweet when it is moved into barrels; then during the lengthy aging inside little Cherry wood barrels, which give a unique essence to the wine, it keeps fermenting very slow.

Tasting notes

It is known as a wine in the middle between Amarone and Recioto because the bitter taste is finely covered from sweetness, so the characteristic flavor of Cherry under spirit and bitter Almond are clearly perceived that convey cozy and velvety feelings.

Food pairings

Excellent at the end of the meal, it matches very well with chocolate desserts

Temperature of service



16% Vol